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The Kilhellion by E.M. Prazeman

House Of Chickens by Tammy Owen

Godbox by Rory Miller


Who do I need to contact? 

Kamila Miller:     kamila@easystreet.net

How much will it cost?

That depends!  I give free consultations and estimates. I charge $40/hr. Here are some concrete examples so you can estimate for yourself:

Violence:  A Writer’s Guide

The author supplied the title, the blurbs, tag lines, etc.  He also supplied several photos.  I used this one:

As you can see, it doesn’t look that much like the cover.  An equivalent ebook cover with a photo supplied by you that needs little or no modification will cost somewhere between $100 to $200.* 

Leading the Way:  The customer provided the photo.  The children’s faces and background had to be carefully obscured by hand. This protected the author from potential liability.  $200-$250.

Talking Them Through:  I used one of my images.  $150

Exclusive rights for one of my original images cost double the rate for that image. For example, if the image generation costs $80, and the typsetting and layout costs $80, for an exclusive image the total cover price would be $240. **

  1. *I give a steep discount to people who are referred to me by someone I trust.  I’ll always be clear when additional charges begin to accrue.  I expect some adjustments will be needed as we develop the final cover.  Those are provided at the hourly rate. Errors I introduce are always corrected at no additional charge. I usually don’t bill for less that fifteen minutes of work, so if a single minor change needs to be made, it’s often free. I’ll email you references if you’d like.

  2. **  Exclusive rights assures you that I won’t use my original photographs or artwork for another project. 


I rendered original artwork for the mask, created the sword to reflect the typeface, and used a modified photograph for the background, not to mention dozens of other design elements that were required to complete this multi-layered project.  Something similar will cost about $800.

House of Goats

A photograph integrated into original artwork.  This is a print book cover in high resolution for a 6x9 trade paperback.  Something similar will cost between $400 and $500, depending on how much time it takes to render the art. ***

*** Print book covers usually cost 50%-75% more than ebook covers, depending on the complexity of the spine and back cover.  An ebook version of House of Goats would run about $300.

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A branded ebook cover with artwork and a logo-style title. The instructions were ‘I want a human, a monkey and a lizard in sort of a triangle, maybe a pyramid to represent Maslow’s hierarchy.’ The triangle is very abstract, the lizard is at the bottom of the hierarchy, and man is at the top. The author already had a brand style going with his other books, so the background (not quite black) and line art help the book fit in with his others.

A client’s vision of the cover can make my job easier, and more importantly, make certain that the cover reflects the content accurately while making it attractive to the correct demographic. The fact that the client included the reasoning behind the cover choices helped develop the cover, though it might seem at first glance that I ignored the instructions.

Rendering the artwork by hand increased the hours in this project. Fortunately realism wasn’t required, which kept the hours down.   $200

This stunning cover concept came from a client with a very good eye and a solid understanding of what colors and images appeal to the target audience. The client did research in advance of the project which included looking at many current books in the same category. The client also sent roughs of the cover, including a proposed layout for the back copy, and sample images for some of the details. Although all the grasses and the people were hand-rendered, the time spent on this project was greatly reduced because the client knew exactly what he wanted from the cover. $280