The Lord Jester’s Legacy trilogy by EM PrazemanThe Lord Jester’s Legacy trilogy by EM Prazeman

“The world of MASKS is a fantasy world unlike any other I’ve encountered, rich with mystery, intrigue, and danger, and its hero Mark is complex and unusual – a young man trying to solve the riddle of his parents’ deaths while concealing dangerous secrets of his own. No one in this book is exactly what they seem, Mark least of all. We all have our masks, and MASKS lifts the façades of its characters and its world to expose the ambiguous truths behind them.” – David Levine, Hugo Award Winning Author

This richly-written secondary world historical fantasy is available at many retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iTunes and Kobo.

Masks: $14.99 paperback, ebook is free!

Confidante: $14.99 paperback, $3.99 ebook

Innocence & Silence: $16.99 paperback, $3.99 ebook


The Poisoned Past Legacy trilogy by EM Prazeman

The Poisoned Past Legacy trilogy by EM Prazeman

“In addition to reviewing books professionally, I've read well over 3,000 novels just for fun. The sad part is that I can't remember most of them, not because I have a lousy memory but rather because the plots are so similar and the characters so mundane that they all blur together. Fortunately there are a few standout stories that remain unforgettable. This is one of them! Well, to be honest, just about anything from E.M. Prazeman falls into that stellar category. Her world-building, characterization, plots, and pacing are first rate, original, and categorically well worth reading. Enough said; ignore my blatherings and buy the book. You won't be disappointed.” — Lawrence Kane, ForeWord Magazine

Oubliette is available on Amazon and on iTunes.

Oubliette: $15.99 paperback, $2.99 ebook

Penumbra: is available on Amazon and on iTunes now.

A Dark Radiance: release date tba


After by K.Z. Miller

Just because she's dead, it doesn't mean that things are over. Not for KJ. Not for anyone. She must navigate the afterlife to her unnamed and unknown destination, relying on her pagan ethics, her grave goods, and the strangers she meets along the way:

The Christian who died with her, who shares an afterlife but only wants to find God and Heaven.

The knight who has guided this journey for centuries, battling his own doubts as he fights to protect his wards.

The lost soul who hungers for things he doesn't understand.

Be careful. Just because you're dead, that doesn't mean they can't destroy you.

The journey begins with the last breath.

“The characters are well written, developed properly without giving away too much information and genuine. KJ, the main character, was wounded, terrified and strong from the moment she learned her desolate fate. I love her adventure in the afterlife so much, and the beings she meets along the way add a spark of excitement to the plot. The afterlife K.Z. Miller created was written in a very unique and inventive way which I fell in love with.” – A review on Amazon

Available at Amazon.

After: $14.99 paperback, $2.99 ebook